The Noah bicycle rack is the first step towards contemporary front wheel parking that is both popular and flexible.

As new types of bicycle began to be developed in the early 90s, it became apparent that reinvention was required if bicycle racks were to be able to accommodate all the various types of bicycle that were now available, not least because of all the various tyre sizes. VEKSØ found an answer in the wedge shape, as its conical profile will grip almost all conceivable tyre sizes. Ever since, this stand has led the way for countless front wheel cycle parking solutions.

Noah is still one of VEKSØ's best-selling products. This is very much due to the product’s simple and easily recognisable design and to the original and uncompromising quality that is demanding of steel and the art of dimension, as well as the many years of positive experience in relation to ensuring good conditions for cyclists and a well-equipped urban environment.

The numerous combination and assembly options of this rack make it very easy to adapt capacity according to location and requirements. A powder coat treatment means that you can also always contribute to the final expression and ensure the best possible compatibility with other street furniture or natural surroundings.

The stand is available in single-sided and double-sided variants, with perpendicular parking or 45 degree parking to save space, with options for embedding or bolt-on fixture to the ground and for wall mounting.

Also read about our Lockt lock bracket, which can be screwed directly onto Noah and Noli racks. The LOCKT lock bracket makes it possible for cyclists to lock their bike frame to the stand, thus providing greater security against theft.


Bollard (SP 12) Ø 114 mm
Bollard (Type 60) Ø 89 mm
Strut Ø 33 mm
Wheel holder Ø 16 mm
Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated.
Mechanical forces may cause the powder coating to peel.
For standard colours, see product info.

Suitable for
Racing bike tyres, mountain bike tyres and standard bike tyres.

Modular design
Can be built from:
modules with 5 or 6 spaces, single sided
modules with 10 or 12 spaces, double sided

Available with 45° angle.
Single or double sided

Embedment: SP 12 bollard (800 mm above ground surface) or SP 13 bollard (removable, 800 mm above ground surface) or Type 60 bollard (590 mm above ground surface).
Wall mounting: Mounted on wall bracket.
Option: Above-mentioned bollards also available for surface mounting.

Ordering data, Noah
NO cycle rack: Single stand, for wall mounting, 1 stand.
SNAP NO cycle rack: Single stand, for embedment, 1 stand.
NO cycle rack: Double sided, for embedment, 2 stands.
NOV cycle rack: Single sided, for wall mounting, 5 stands, 2500 mm.
NOV cycle rack: Single sided, for wall mounting, 6 stands, 3000 mm.
NOE cycle rack: Single sided, for embedment, 5 stands, 2500 mm.
NOE cycle rack: Single sided, for embedment, 6 stands, 3000 mm.
NOD cycle rack: Double sided, for embedment, 10 stands, 2500 mm.
NOD cycle rack: Double sided, for embedment, 12 stands, 3000 mm.
NOV, NOE og NOD can also be ordered with Lockt bicycle lock bracket.