Unfortunately, cycle theft is widespread, particularly in urban areas. Annually, over 55,000 cycle thefts are reported in Denmark (2015 figure). Bike thieves are often smart enough to remove a bike but leave the front wheel behind in the bicycle stand. At VEKSØ, we have decided to do something about that. Based on our NOAH and NOLI stands, which are some of the most common bicycle stands in Denmark, architect Lars Vejen has designed LOCKT for VEKSØ. Basing the concept on the design DNA of NOAH/NOLI with their recognisable circular shape, he has created a lock bracket that is easy to retrofit to existing bicycle stands. The height and position of LOCKT allows bicycle owners to lock the bicycle frame to the stand, rather than just the front wheel. LOCKT should be installed between two pairs of NOAH/NOLI rings, allowing a single LOCKT stand to be used on two bicycles at once.

LOCKT is supplied in galvanised steel, with an option for powder coating in a wide range of colours. There is a crossbar on top, to stabilise the lock bracket and prevent the bike lock from sliding down, so that it is always well within reach. The crossbar is etched with a pictogram of a padlock, to inform the user of the purpose of the bracket in an easy-to-understand manner. In terms of design, LOCKT continues the NOAH concept and melds together with the existing bicycle stand, in a beautiful and aesthetic manner. Designwise, the form and function of a circle that is twisted 90 degrees ensure that the bicycle stand and lock bracket are viewed as a single unit.


Lock bracket
Ø 16 mm

Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated. Mechanical forces may cause the powder coating to peel. Standard colours, see product information.

Suitable for
Mounting on NOAH OR NOLI bicycle stands, making it possible to lock the bicycle’s head tube to the stand, thus ensuring that the bicycle is as well-protected as possible against theft.

LOCKT should be mounted between the front wheel brackets and a 5-space stand would thus typically have 4 LOCKT lock brackets, a 6-space stand would have 5 LOCKT lock brackets, a 10-space stand would have 8 LOCKT lock brackets and a 12-space stand would have 10 LOCKT lock brackets.

The lock bracket can be purchased as a separate add-on, which can be bolted onto existing NOAH and NOLI cycle stands, or purchased all-welded on a NOAH or NOLI stand. For further information about the welded version, see here NOAH and here NOLI

Available with 45° angle

Lars Vejen

Order data
LOCKT Lock bracket for NOAH and NOLI bicycle stands