Klara - round

Klara is a very attractive range of benches and seats. The range features simple and clean design, with wooden seat and back and a simple steel frame, with a broad leading edge as a great-looking contrast. Depending on the choice of colour and wood variety, the KLARA range is always classic and elegant, thanks to the dark wood varieties the range comes in. The stylish design is self-evident, emphasising Klara’s modern design. The range offers good seating comfort, the

rounded edges on the seat and back surfaces bringing high usability and strong identity to the product range. The range features a Kebony Clear option, for a healthy and long-lasting wood material that requires a minimum of maintenance. The range can also be ordered in 100% FSC certified Mahogany (FSC® certificate), either oiled or untreated.



Tube Ø33,7 mm
Flat steel profile 10 x 45 mm
Plate 5 mm
Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated.
Standard colours, see product information.

Seat slats
45x76 mm
Back slats 42 x 45 mm
Kebony or mahogany / oiled mahogany (FSC® certified).

Can be delivered on request with armrest for disabled people:
Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated.
Standard colours, see product information.

Available as bolt-down or for concrete cast anchoring

Klara - Order data:

Klara Round Seat
KL10210T1 Seat, portable without armrest
KL10210T2 Seat, portable with one armrest
KL10210T3 Seat, portable with two armrests
KL10210T4 Seat, portable with three armrests
KL10210T5 Seat, portable with four armrests
KL10210N1 Seat, anchor type without armrest
KL10210N2 Seat, anchor type with one armrest
KL10210N3 Seat, anchor type with two armrests
KL10210N4 Seat, anchor type with three armrests
KL10210N5 Seat, anchor type with four armrests.

Klara Round Bench
KL10220T1 Backless bench, moveable
KL10220N1 Seat, anchor type.

Wood varieties, Klara series
FM Mahogany, FSC 100%, oil treated
KE Kebony
UM Mahogany, FSC 100%, untreated.

Conversions for the Klara round bench:
54830024 = BKL1022 Round backless bench
54830025 = BKL1021 Rund bench.