Moove is the furniture of many possibilities – simple, innovative and practical designer furniture that you can use however you wish.

The combination of the classical round form, the characteristic L-shaped profile and the many colour possibilities lend the furniture its own identity and fantastic flexibility. Its size makes it possible to sit on, around and in the circle. Fellowship with others can be enabled or avoided, and the view can be enjoyed alone or together with others.

There are no rules for which way is up or down, and the integrated and imposing shape in rotation-moulded plastic is suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor environments. The many colours make it possible to integrate Moove into a large number of architectural contexts. Orange lights up and creates focus, whereas

grey gives the furniture a more classic and gentle expression. In other words, you can impart precisely the design twist you want to the urban space.

Installation is easy and simple. Due to the size and weight of the furniture, bolting it to anything is unnecessary. If however you would like to further stabilise the furniture or secure it against theft, it is possible to fasten it to the ground with an anchor fitting and/or fill water or sand into it through a hole in the side, which is then closed with a screw cap.

Urban space furniture made of plastic has in general many advantages. It is particularly weather-resistant and robust, as well as very easy to maintain. Cleaning is handled with a soft brush and soapy water or with a high-pressure cleaner.



95 kg

2400 mm

Standard colours
Red ral 3002, orange ral 2001, grey ral 7042, green ral 6002, black ral 9005, blue ral 5009

Base as standing furniture
Seating surface (d) 400 mm

Base as sitting furniture
Seating surface (d) 310 mm
Back length (h) 380 mm

10-12 mm Polyethylene

Can be placed loose on the ground – bolting it to anything is unnecessary.
Note: When the furniture is placed in an inverted L shape, it can be tipped to the side. This only happens however if the product is not in use and subjected to very large loads (for example 2 persons jumping on one point) or handled quite violently. This can be precluded by increased stabilisation

If increased stabilisation is desired, it is possible to add water or sand through a small hole on the inner side, which is then closed with a screw cap

If fastening the furniture to the ground is desired, it is possible to use an anchor fitting that screws into the furniture and then is permanently bolted to the embedment.

Ordering data, MOOVE
MO 1002B Bench : Blue
MO 1002G Bench :Green
MO 1002L Bench : Light Grey
MO 1002O Bench : Orange
MO 1002R Bench : Red
MO 1002S Bench : Black